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About Us

We are a team of International Experts, serving small businesses to large multibillion currency enterprises. We have been in service for over three decades, serving businesses and entrepreneurs in Botswana, Canada, Lesotho, South Africa, United Kingdom, and the United States.

We are not “Just Accountants” but we are business development partners, aiming to work with entrepreneurs and enterprises to ensure accounting, legal, and tax compliance; whilst we are strategically looking out to support you in growing your business and helping you achieve your business development goals.

As our Clients, Grow We also Grow.

We believe that in business, the possibilities are only limited by the thinking, creativity, and innovation of entrepreneurs

Our Credentials 

Our Founder has been serving the global community of entrepreneurs and businesses since 1991 when he qualified as an accountant and has worked with colleagues in the profession from several countries to deliver efficient and effective solutions.


  • IRBA Confirmation of training completion in January 1991
  • Company registration certificate of July 1998
  • SAICA Letter of good standing

It is important to note that since 1991, the founder, and all the professionals he has worked with and continues to work with to serve enterprises and entrepreneurs; has served with integrity, competence, and adherence to ethical standards.

Obakeng in Media

Obakeng Gaitate is passionate about empowering individuals towards their individualized economic self-determination. Towards this objective, he writes books, undertakes radio discussions, and hosts seminars and training.

He is constantly looking for, and building strategic partnerships with individuals, organizations, and companies. He is convinced that “with enough right minds working together, the future of the World is Exciting and Beautiful”

Media Teachings and Discussions


Why are people Unproductive

Host: Aubrey Masango
Date: 15th November 2018 11 pm
Topic: Why are people Unproductive

Discussion: Obakeng continued the discussion on whether the challenge that South Africa faces is Unemployment or Unproductivity. Obakeng shared and demonstrated that our country’s challenge, is not unemployment, but rather the unproductivity of citizens.

The Truth about employment

Host: Wasanga Mehana
Date: 23rd May 2019 11 pm
Topic: The Truth about employment

Discussion: Obakeng was discussing the recent unemployment statistics shared by Statistics South Africa, and further demonstrated that South Africans need to be aware that “being employed” as is not the best situation there is. 

Why are we in recession

Host: Oliver Dickson
Date: 6th June 2019 11 pm
Topic: Why are we in recession

Discussion: Obakeng discussed recession, what it is, and why South Africa is in recession; and what citizens could do to change the direction of the economy. Obakeng emphasized that there is a lot that every young person, and every citizen in South Africa…

Making R1 million by age 21

Host: Dr Miranda “Mizo” Moloto and Vangile Makwakwa
Date: 6th July 2020
Topic: Episode 42: Lessons learned from making R1 million by age 21

In this week’s episode, Obakeng shares his real estate journey.
He gets vulnerable and shares how he made his first million at 21 years age (in the 80s in South Africa!) by selling 100 properties in a new development.

Building a property Empire that last 400 years

Host: Dr Miranda “Mizo” Moloto and Vangile Makwakwa
Date: 7th April 2020
Topic: Episode 29:How to build a property empire that lasts 400 years

Discussion: Who knew tax could be so exciting and lead to a complete mindset shift? Get a pen and paper and prepare to be blown away by today’s podcast. We talk to Obakeng Gaitate, an accountant who focuses on property tax.


Obakeng: National Leader 

Obakeng has been in business for over 40 years, an Accountant for over 30 years, author of 12 books on business and success. He understands business strategy and what it takes not only to be compliant but to grow your business as well

Anne: Gauteng Leader 

Anne is an innovative leader who is passionate about understanding your business to ensure that only the most effective solutions are implemented to meet your needs, and grow your business.